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Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be Bright

The start of Spring means it’s almost festival season! Whether you’re taking on the real thing by attending SXSW, Coachella, Bonnaroo, or Governors [Gov] Ball or you simply enjoy dressing for the occasion, festival attire & essentials are something many of us can easily embrace in preparation!

In partnership with Babbleboxx, I’m reviewing all the fab festival finds in this month’s delivery which have ALREADY made an impact on my everyday style & routine! You guys are going to LOVE this box – I think it’s the best one yet!

Zenni Optical Festival Sunglasses, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be BrightZenni Optical Sunglasses, Tilden of To Be Bright


When it comes to sunnies, I consider myself an Aviator gal personally because I believe the frame fits my face best. That being said, it can get a little boring and repetitive when styling outfits that feature the same pair of shades over & over again. Yawn.

What I love about these ‘Playful Zenni Optical Sunglasses is that the frame is very similar to an aviator, yet the winged cat-eye detail makes it that much different of a look! This pair has quickly become one of my new faves to sport around the city, along with several 90’s nostalgia & new Bohemian styles included in the Zenni Festival Collection that I’ve made a mental note for. When the temps get a little bit warmer, I can totally see this Playful pair work as the statement accessory with an embroidered dress and denim jacket ensemble.

Zenni’s wide range of stylish and affordable prescription eyewear lets you express all facets of your personality. With prices starting as low as $6.95 for single-vision prescription glasses or sunglasses, it’s possible to have an eyewear wardrobe filled with well-crafted, customizable eyewear for every look, occasion, or need!

Algenist Power Night Cream, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be BrightAlgenist Power Night Serum, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be Bright


If you know me, then you’re aware of how seriously I take my skincare routine. Especially during times of seasonal change, the unpredictable weather can take an aggressive toll on my skin. Therefore it’s important I can adapt to the environmental changes by finding the right products which will work with my skin’s ever-changing and somewhat unpredictable mood swings…

When I tried Algenist’s POWER Recharging Night Pressed Serum for the first time, I was SO OBSESSED with how GREAT it smelled! I seriously held it to my nose and kept getting whiffs that reminded me of subtle hints of coconut & vanilla. Strong enough to notice yet soft enough to feel oh so pleasant when the scent is gently inhaled.

Besides it’s great first impression of smelling terrific, I was very satisfied with how soft and happy my skin felt the next morning! The formula of this serum is very unique – its solid cream texture holds all the power of a serum with the involvement of a supercharged naturally-sourced Alguronic Acid. It melts into the skin to recharge fatigued skin, refining dull, uneven texture overnight.

This miracle night serum, along with many other Algenist products I’m now dying to try, are now available at Ulta!

Jockey Retro Stripe Bra and Underwear, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be Bright


Okay…this brand got me totally PUMPED when I saw its inclusion in this month’s Babbleboxx. I’m a huge fan of comfortable bras that I can either lounge in or layer underneath an outfit. So when I saw the striking red of these Jockey Retro Stripe Collection pieces, I instantly thought about how great they will look when paired with a simple denim & white tee outfit. It’s the perfect pop of color that instantly attracts without trying too hard, or not trying at all!

  Inspired by one of its first women’s collections – Jockey For Her – the new Retro Stripe styles are a modern twist on the ’80’s true original. The stretchy cotton is designed to move with your body, making them SO COMFORTABLE and just perfect for every day wear! I’ve even been sleeping in my Retro Stripe Bralette & rotating nights/laundry cycles between my pairs of Hip Hugger boy shorts and High Cut panties. Yes, they’re that wonderful to wear at all hours of the day & night!


LumaBella Keratin Dual Touch Styler, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be BrightLumaBella Straightener, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be Bright



I’m BEYOND thrilled that this straightener has come into my life. I’ve seriously never used a better tool to harness my unruly mane! In fact, the minute I tried this one out I immediately threw out the old styler I thought was doing me justice. Oh how great it feels to be exposed to something this reliable when it comes to maintaining a sleek, straight hair look ALL day rather than just an hour or two.

This Dual Touch Styler by LumaBella provides high-quality heat with ultimate damage protection for smarter, healthier styling. The Heat Sensing Strip, which is located on one of the 1” ceramic plates, detects the humidity of your hair during styling. So if the heat is too high and damaging a certain area of the hair, the heat will adjust down to protect the hair from breakage. After passing through the dry, damaged hair the styler will adjust back to the specified temperature from the user. Talk about a SMART DEVICE am I right!?

I personally like wearing my hair straight most days but for festivals I’ll probably lean more towards waves and curls. Thankfully this Dual Touch Styler can give me both hairstyles – from fun, wavy curls to sleek and straight sophistication! Another perk is not having to deal with that oily residue feeling that often comes with styling your hair, especially when straightening. Thanks to the keratin micro-conditioners infused within the 1″ ceramic plates, I can completely avoid it!

Earth Brands Tangor Sneakers, White Performated Leather, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be BrightEarth Brands Tangor Sneakers, White Performated Leather, Babbleboxx Fab Festival Finds, Tilden of To Be Bright


Since receiving these Tangor Sneakers by Earth Shoes in my Babbleboxx, I’ve found reason to sport them on the reg because of their versatility. Practically every type of outfit works with white leather kicks – from classic denim to striped skinnies and once weather appropriate, shorts & dresses!

The Tangor Sneaker (which comes in 3 additional colors) is unbelievably comfortable thanks to the cushioned and reinforced arch support of its footbed. I wore these for 2 out of 3 days while attending a conference in San Diego and if I can say they were more than pleasant to wear for (2) 15-hour days, then YOU GOTTA BELIEVE you’ll be more than thrilled with the comfort of your pair!

Earth Shoes are built with whole-body wellness in mind, starting from its production. All pairs of shoes are made with more responsible water-based adhesives, vegetable tanned leathers and even its packaging is glue-free, staple free and constructed to use as little material necessary!

Fun Fact: Along with its sustainable production efforts, Earthbrands.com plants a tree with every purchase (in partnership with Trees.org).

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