Father’s Day Weekend Ideas

As I’ve gotten older, I totally understand why my dad doesn’t want gifts for special occasions anymore – because I’ve started not wanting them either. Instead I would rather experience something with the people I love, creating a lifelong memory rather than receiving a tangible item.

So in preparation for Father’s Day Weekend, I’m sharing some ideas of things you can DO and EXPERIENCE with your dad – instead of ideas for a simple present. Zzzz SNORE.


This suggestion stems from one idea that probably isn’t relevant to most. However my dad once told me that he would love to go back to Hoboken (where he and my mom started their lives together) and go on a bar crawl to all the places he used to go out to on the weekends, waaaay back in the day.

Therefore, if this idea relates to you somehow, a cool idea would be to visit a place special to your dad and check out the hotspots he once treasured. Regardless of location, a family bar crawl is a fun idea to get the whole crew together and allow your dad to reminisce while enjoying cold brews.

If taking a trip isn’t in the cards for you this weekend, go taste an assortment of beer made right at home in a local brewery. Do a little research & you’d be surprised how many towns have small breweries right nearby!


Sometimes all your dad wants is to spend a day with the family. So if he happens to be the kind of guy who loves fresh air, going on an easy walk or a mild hike might be the perfect way to spend his day!

There are plenty of parks per town, large and small, so you get to pick your path of places to take in the beauty of nature.


One of my dad’s biggest joys is admiring his lawn and on the weekends, he spends a good amount of time fixing it up. Therefore an idea would be to lend yourself to help the lawn maintenance, and taking interest in something he likes to do.

If you don’t have a lawn to tend to, then simply asking to participate in something your dad needs help with or would enjoy company doing is just as great. You’d be surprised how happy you can make your dad feel by simply lending a helping hand.


Skip going out to dinner – make your dad his favorite meal right at home instead! Preparing something specially made is a gift within itself, because nothing makes a person happier than eating something they love!

Although these ideas are simple in nature and somewhat designed for the procrastinators, the concept of each suggestion is to spend time with your dad in a way that allows you to share something he takes interest & joy in.

Regardless of what you decide to do for Father’s Day, the goal is to make your dad feel special – whether its by helping him around the house to cooking his favorite meal or getting some exercise; the point is to do those things together and take the time to appreciate what makes your dad the man you love & admire.