My Favorite Bags For All Occasions | Designer Bag Giveaway!

We all have our favorite bags that we rely on for specific occasions (i.e. work, going out, etc.) and one’s that satisfy our style cravings (i.e. statement, seasonal, etc.)

After going through some of my handbags in an effort to “spring clean” I noticed a couple things:

  1. I currently own 14 bags from Rebecca Minkoff! (Gotta love her sample sales…& I’m slightly obsessed)
  2. A bigger bookcase is needed to hold all of them neatly..#overflow
  3. Instead of selling one of the designer bags I’m no longer keeping, I’m GIVING IT AWAY to one lucky reader! 
  4. Some of these bags deserve recognition for the value each of them holds, thus here’s this post.

Don’t worry! I’ll get to the giveaway at the conclusion of this informative post.

But first, here’s a roundup of my favorite bags at the moment & what occasion(s) I’m most likely to sport them.


Finding the perfect bag for work can be the biggest struggle, so I’ve found. I’m very picky and need something that can satisfy the following:

  • Holds a pair of heels/sneakers that I’ll change in/out of at work + room for a thin notebook
  • Storage pockets to isolate all things from Tide-to-go pens to bobby pins
  • Zipper top* – very important, especially in a city
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Stylish + in a color I’ll appreciate for x amount of time (aka forever.)

The bag I’ve discovered that fits the bill for all the above requirements (yes, including the shoes) is the Coach Swagger tote. I currently own (2) large styles pictured here, along with a mini version for going out & occasions/events.

Believe it or not but a pair of heels or sneakers fit inside & I can zipper it shut – of course, only 1 pair at a time but still, that’s remarkable for a bag of this size & shape.

Although this color block combo is bolder than most are comfortable with, I absolutely love it. It’s different with a brighter orange while staying somewhat neutral with simple black and white colors.

The other large version I have is beige which goes with everything, so if I want to coordinate this one with a more basic outfit it’s easily done!


Fun Fact: Red is biologically the color people, especially men, are most attracted to.

That’s why I’m smitten by this red hot Rebecca Minkoff Love Crossbody bag. Funny enough, it was a ticket raffle prize I won last year that had the most entries! Probably because everyone was drawn to the color & couldn’t resist, including myself. Definitely felt the heat of glares when I screamed, “I WON!” and claimed my ruby red prize. #NotSorry

Think of it as taking advantage of both style & romance worlds by grabbing everyone’s attention with a bold bag by your side. Sometimes my outfits are very monochromatic or just feel downright plain.


When it comes to going out, I need something that goes with everything (i.e. black) and the right size to carry what I need without becoming a nuisance.

There’s nothing more annoying that having to lug around a bag that doesn’t feel comfortable on your shoulder by being too big or too heavy.

Along with meeting all my above requirements, This Henri Bendel Trunk bag has become my go-to bag primarily because of its clasp.

Rather than a zipper on top, it has a twist knob on the side which makes it “harder” for someone to open without my knowledge – I live in the city, anything can happen!

*Sadly this style is no longer available but here’s one that’s somewhat similar


Less is more, especially when it comes in a itty bitty bag as cute as this Chloe Mini Faye crossbody.

Most importantly, it’s a bag that only has room for the essentials that I need for some easy errands or brunch with friends, including:

  • Cell phone (fits iPhone 7 regular, not plus)
  • Credit card & ID – includes (3) card slots inside
  • Keys
  • Phone charger

I would rather take the bare minimum with me when out because I hate having to tote a heavy bag full of things I’ll probably not use. What a waste of energy.


Some bags just speak for a specific season. In light of Spring (yay!) nothing captures the essence quite like this aquamarine blue Furla Metropolis Bag.

This color is refreshing and triggers an excitement for blooming flowers, warmer weather, and brighter scenery.

When pairing a bright solid color like this, you can match it to a print that incorporates the same or closely similar shade.

I can see how buying a bag like this can scare some people, especially because of its limitations with outfits & times of the year (if you’re like me and wouldn’t sport this during the winter..)

But sometimes a beautiful color alone can persuade you to think otherwise & either make the most use of it during the season or inspire you to be more creative with your looks!


Hmm shocker…but yes, if there’s any designer bag worth every dime of investment its Chanel.

I received this bag as a college graduation present, graduating with honors & making the Dean’s List every semester from Freshman through Senior year (including my 5th year “victory lap” when I changed majors.)

I worked my tail off and was given the incredible opportunity to receive something so special that I’ll treasure and have FOR LIFE.

Chanel will never go out of style, it’s simply iconic. Therefore you really can’t go wrong when you get something from its “Classic Flap Bag Collection.”

Knowing my handbag preference is on the smaller side but knowing I would want extra space to make use of its investment just in case, I went for the “Medium Classic Flap Bag” in soft as butter lambskin leather with gold hardware. By far, this is my most precious possession.



After a serious handbag inventory count, I’ve decided to give away one of my Coach bags to one lucky reader!

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Ps, each friend you TAG counts as (1) entry.

Giveaway will last (1) week & end Friday, April 7 at 3pm EST.

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