Favorite Jewelry Brands For Tiny Earrings

Tiny Minimalist Earrings, White Lace Top, Spring Style, Tilden of To Be Bright

I’m someone who rarely changes out jewelry, especially when it comes to my earrings. Provided I have a couple of piercings in both ears, I like to stick to a specific earring party for every day wear; once I find a combo that works in my favor. Occasionally I’ll swap out my first for a bigger, danglier option but only if I’m really eager to accessorize.

Over the years of accumulating my piercings, finding good quality jewelry brands that offer tiny, minimalist earrings at an approachable price point has been a challenge. Luckily, I’ve found a few that have been superb in both variety & price point departments:

Tiny Minimalist Earrings, Lulu DK Star Huggie Hoop, Stone and Strand Gold Horseshoe Stud Earring, AUrate Mini Gold Bar Earring, AUrate Cancer Zodiac Stud Earring, Spring Style, Tilden of To Be Bright
(L-R) Star Huggie: Lulu DK | Horseshoe Stud: Stone and Strand | Mini Bar Stud: AUrate | Zodiac Stud: AUrate


One of the first brands I discovered & applauded for its tiny earring assortment is AUrate New York. The best part is having the option to purchase each earring individually or as a pair. Earrings are rated 14K solid gold or gold vermeil & available in yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold metals. Prices range from $35 – $500+


When it comes to my (2) cartilage piercings, I’ve leaned towards wearing huggie hoops in them because they’re more comfortable to sleep in. Yes – cartilage piercings hurt like a bitch for 5+ years after getting them.I really love the assortment of huggies from Lulu DK. Most earrings are rated 14K gold plated brass & under $100!

Tiny Minimalist Earrings, AUrate Mini Gold Bar Earring, AUrate Evil Eye Stud Earring, Silver Arrow Earring Stud, Spring Style, Tilden of To Be Bright
(L-R) Evil Eye Stud: AUrate | Mini Bar Stud: AUrate | Arrow Stud: EF Collection


For those of you who appreciate a simple & small diamond stud, you’ll be quite happy with the assortment from Astrid & Miyu. I find these types of studs perfect for ear party arrangements because they can easily balance out those with more detail to them. Earrings are rated 18K sterling silver & available in gold, rose gold, & silver plating. Prices range from under $40 to $120+.


The stud earrings from Stone and Strand are so creative & detailed, it’s amazing how they could be made so tiny! There are so many that I have on my list to eventually purchase. Although some earrings are priced under $100, most of them are more expensive; but the quality can’t be beat! You can also purchase each stud individually or as a pair in 14K yellow gold, 14K white gold, & 14K rose gold.