Featured Renter | StyleLend


A couple months and one hairstyle ago, I got interviewed by one of my favorite fashion start-up apps Style Lend to do a “Featured Renter” Q&A on their site. The shoot itself was so fun and once I saw how these pix came out, I had to share!

For those of you that are unfamiliar with Style Lend, brace yourself. You’re about to fall in love with their concept of lending from your dream designer closet:

In late 2012, Founder & CEO Lona came up with the idea of Style Lend while traveling around 5 continents and 17 countries with only a Ghurka carry on for 4 months.She had the need to rent fashion in the cities she traveled to, as opposed to lugging around a massive bag of clothes for different climates. Plus, she thought it would make the travel and photos much more fun!

Think of Style Lend as a big designer closet that’s easy to borrow from and eliminates the cost and headache of owning and maintaining it. Not only is this a smarter way to consume fashion but it’s hassle free and there’s no worry about what to do with the item after it’s been worn. See the full details on how it works.

Feature_Tilden_MG_0808Feature_Tilden_MG_0761Feature_Tilden_MG_0806Feature_Tilden_MG_0850Feature_Tilden_MG_0777Feature_Tilden_MG_0776Feature_Tilden_MG_0790Feature_Tilden_MG_0812Feature_Tilden_MG_0860Feature_Tilden_MG_0865See the full feature here