Fitness Fever

IMG_5172IMG_5283IMG_5149IMG_5244Details: (g) Peony top & pants ∙ (g) Incase workout band ∙ (g) Lulu’s trainers – similar

Every other morning is spent running a good 1.5-2 miles around my NYC neighborhood to start the day off on the right foot – kinda pun intended. Running is euphoric for me, especially because I spent half of my high school years thinking I wouldn’t exercise at that speed again.

Cue the personal story: After months of intense charley horses in both calves – ones that would greet me at sunrise and stay the night, every night – I found out I have Compartment Syndrome and faced the option of surgery vs. a year of physical therapy. I chose the latter and 12 months later I took my first jogging steps.

Today I can run but jumping jacks and jump rope have taken a permanent backseat in my workout routine. But what hasn’t been a focus of mine until now is my workout attire. As I’ve always preached, if you look good you feel good – the same rules apply to physical activity.


From top to bottom, I’m sporting one of my new favorite active contemporary brands – Peony. Who would’ve thought lace can apply to workout wear! I have to admit the breeziness and comfort of both pieces makes for a productive fitness moment. The loose fits and cozy fabrics of Peony’s pieces makes for a great loungewear option too!

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One thing I can’t run without is music and finding the right armband that won’t slide off and actually protects your phone from falling out is a challenge. That’s why I only recommend trusting Incase with your workout band needs.

Even on this slippery-feeling lace sleeve, the band didn’t move an inch from where I secured it. The thinner protective covering makes unlocking your phone and selecting playlists so much easier than ever before! Remember those struggles? Now’s the time to upgrade to a workout band that doesn’t take your activity away from you.

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