Frame of Reference | Oren Isaac Eyewear


Here’s the harsh reality about blogging: YOUR EYES ARE THE FIRST TO GO. After that, maybe your mind after suffering an episode of writer’s block but when you spend most of your day editing & writing on a blue screen, your eyes remind you of the strain. Don’t get me wrong, I have a predisposition to weak eyes due to genetics and started wearing glasses when I realized I couldn’t read the license plates in front of me while driving. But since starting my blog and working at my other full-time job, my poor eyes have seen more screens than the average maybe. Again, I’m a millennial..

A long time ago my mom told me that wearing contacts will weaken my eyes over time and since my eyesight isn’t that terrible, wearing glasses only when I need to would be the best way to combat my lack of tiny font focus. So naturally, I take pride in the frames I wear when the time comes. In my opinion, I’ve found that like sunglasses a certain frame fits my face best – in prescription eyewear terms, that would be a larger and rounder reader style. And when I got the opportunity to check out Oren Isaac Eyewear as an option for a second pair of specs, it literally took me TWO HOURS to decide which frame I wanted…Here’s why:

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Simply put, the Oren Isaac brand is expertly crafted eyewear at real-world prices. Starting at $98 you can get a frame + prescription lenses + shipping, which also translates to a steal of a package deal. It’s crazy how expensive designer and even more contemporary brand eyewear is these days and between you and me, spending money on my personally-made budget isn’t super flexible these days. You can try on 5 pairs at home, that you select online, and see which ones look best on you free of charge for shipping both ways. Such a brilliant concept, especially being noncommittal and less threatening to experience if you’ve had eyewear try-on drama before (guilty.)

For my heart-shaped face, I picked the Helene frame in Tortoise out of the two other finishes available for that select style. With both Men’s and Women’s collections available, there’s a frame in a finish designed with everyone in mind. The trick is making that very hard decision – because they’re all so good looking! Good luck…you’re about to fall in love with Oren Isaac and your eyes will live happily ever after because of it.