Furreal Faux

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Four Christmases ago, I received a faux fur vest from American Eagle. At the time and for years following, I was very hesitant to wear it. Although it was completely faux, the paranoia of observant criticism around me kept me from wearing it for a long, long time. I always think about that one scene from the Sex & The City Movie where Samantha gets red paint thrown on her by PETA activists as they proclaim what sounds like “MURRRRDUUURRR.” Without getting into the ethical debate, I do not own a real fur item. However, I am a fan of the processed products that are trending like mad this fall season.

Including the one that started it all, I now am a proud owner of three faux fur vests. Their origins: American Eagle, H&M and Forever 21. I’m guilty of asking for a more expensive one for Christmas, but regardless I’m thrilled to feel confident enough to sport something I’ve always liked.

Most naturally neutral, these vests are great add-on pieces for virtually any casual (or chic-casual) occasion. And because of their increasing popularity, almost every affordable store of our generation is selling them. Below are some of my favorite go-to stores with a selection of faux fur vests:

H&M | Forever 21 | Zara | American Eagle