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Gold jewelry is timeless, and during my three years of blogging I’ve come across some of the most gorgeous pieces I never put consideration into before. Frankly, before I started TBB, jewelry wasn’t something my time was put towards; I underestimated the value of investing in minimalist pieces that can last close to a lifetime and that practically work with every outfit I choose to wear.

In collaboration with Alaska Jewelry, today’s post involves the five gold pieces every lady should have in her jewelry drawer, and might not have thought to consider up until now – the statement necklace, the simple gold bangle, the pearl bracelet, the minimalist timepiece and the impressionist ring. Although gold bar necklaces and simple arm stacks make up most of my metal gear, having these five investments to play around with allows for the challenge of breaking away from the simplistic (while stepping my jewelry game up a notch).

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Hammered gold disks on a chain make up this statement piece that I most often wear with a low v-neck. There’s nothing superior about this design but the repetition and layering detail of metal with a different texture is what draws my attention.

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I find myself drawn to wearing simple and delicate gold bars on my wrist, but when the pearl goes minimalistic and modern in design, then there’s room for incorporation.

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At least three times this month, let alone this year already, I’ve lost access to my phone and therefore, became oblivious to what time it was. How pathetic right? Losing my phone has made me appreciate the timepieces I should wear much more often, and when they look this sophisticated in gold, it’s hard to not play with the arm party on your wrist without one.

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Rounding up the essential five is the quintessential statement ring that hits all areas of detail while staying true to the boundaries of gold coordination. Knowing white (pearl) looks great on a chosen metal, having a piece that represents all the best things about gold is just dandy, wouldn’t you agree?

Next time you find the time to organize your jewelry drawer (I just did after a year of procrastination) consider if one or all of these five pieces already exist in your arsenal and if they will make the cut during your purge and restocking activity.

Alaska Jewelry has some of the most beautiful pieces of gold I’ve ever seen, as well as many other metals and jewels that might interest you gem-hungry and silver-seeking readers out there.

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