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Raise your hand if you have dry skin! I swear I’ve struggled all year long, through every seasonal change, with skin that feels like the Sahara desert 80% of the time. After a while, you start to lose hope that any kind of skincare regiment will come to your rescue beyond the lotion aspect. I’m talking while you shower, after shower, after sun and every day help. Thankfully for my skin and my sanity, Enza Essentials created a perfect custom dry skin kit for me to try out and I have to tell you guys…It’s incredible.

Within my kit, these 11 products target dry skin while protecting against all forms of possible dehydrating moments – hot water exposure, sun exposure and overall climate change. I’ve used each product now for two weeks and started seeing results within two days. Even waking up my skin help hydrated which is something incredibly new to me. And don’t worry, these kits aren’t just for dry skin problems – every skin type and every skin situation has a solution from Enza.


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It’s a sad reality but a majority of people who have dry skin don’t realize that hot showers dehydrate you like crazy. The minute I get out of the shower no matter what, even with a lukewarm session and a cold rinse, my skin gets a rush of heat and an extreme sensation of “itchiness” that can only be soothed with the application of lotion. So I started using these two while showering – The Shea Butter Body Gel & The Shea Butter Body Polish – and physically eliminated that dry skin feeling post shower within one use. Plus the scents of lemon, lavender and vanilla make it hard not to use them so the chances of me forgetting to do so is slim to none.

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Next comes the use of a Saturation System – and if you’re not already using a cleanser or toner as a dry skin kid, read along. I was never one to “tone” because I didn’t see the point. I washed my face in the shower and applied lotion after so why add another product? These two work best when used back to back because they’re designed to gently wash away impurities while calming dry, dull skin. Use first thing in the morning and right before bed for best results.

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Now that the sun’s out and ready to fry our skin with UV rays, it’s important to protect both before and after exposure. Let’s say you spent an entire day outside and by evening, you’re feeling the burn. After going through the above steps involving the Body & Saturation Systems, it’s time to indulge in some Aloe Vera therapy. Start with the Saturation Aloe Scrub to cleanse a burnt face – best if used before cleanser & toner – for that instant cool effect that eliminates the burn and helps prolong a natural looking tan. For the rest of the body, the Nutri-Gel helps soothe the hottest areas of your skin while helping you sleep at night pain-free. But don’t forget the dreamy Shea Butter Body Lotion! This stuff has you waking up feeling hydrated all over and smells like heaven with hints of red marine algae & Japanese green tea.

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Wrapping up the kit with pre-sun exposure preventative solutions. Did you know that you’re 10x more likely to show premature wrinkles if you suffer from dry skin? YIKES. Better get on that advanced treatment asap and who better than Enza to help you out before it’s too late! With specially designed Treatment Cremes & Gels made for the face, you’ll be loaded up with SPF while conditioning and moisturizing all in the same rotation. Talk about efficiency. Let’s not forget the thinnest skin of all – the lips! There’s a product for that too.

Whatever your skin type is or your skin issue might be, go to Enza Essentials for the curated kit that will truly save your skin and sanity this summer. Say goodbye to dry and hello to healthy!