On Guard For NYFW | doTERRA

Now that Summer is over, the time has come to consider the inevitable threat that comes with Fall – Flu Season. However, there’s one more threat coming at my immune system before the obvious, which is getting run down to the point of illness during all this NYFW chaos.

This week alone has been full of all-or-most-of-the-nighters for me and I can already feel my body getting rundown. Unfortunately like the infamous flu, there are some things you don’t have that much control over – like getting a full 8-hours when you have two full-time jobs during this chaotic but exciting week in fashion.

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Therefore it’s vital I boost my immunity as soon as possible when I’m starting to feel under the weather and although other immune supplements can be helpful, it’s not always quick to do the trick before those symptoms arrive. Which is why I turned to doTERRA On Guard products to keep me up & running during this time of seasonal and environmental threats.

Not only are these beadlets an easy and convenient way to obtain immune-boosting benefits, but they’re also flavorful to consume (even help to freshen breath!) – blending Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus, and Rosemary in a tiny vegetable beadlet dose.

Consume one beadlet as desired, especially when those threats are at an all-time high. The best part about this handy boost of healthy is the convenient travel size! So the next time your on mass transit and sitting next to that publicly ill human being, you can pop a beadlet in your mouth and rest easy knowing you’re fighting whatever plague he or she is trying to gift you.