Happy Home Tips: Bedroom Karma


As a New Yorker working two full-time jobs, the best feeling is returning to the cozy oasis known as my studio apartment at the end of each day. My personal goal when decorating my space is to leave all stress out the door when walking in, ridding all negative karma and allowing myself to feel only good vibes within the four walls. Easier said than done for sure, but I’ve come up with a few tips to incorporate into my home decor in order to mentally remind myself to take it easy; starting with the most important area of my apartment – the bedroom.

Keep in mind, my bedroom is exposed to the naked eye of everyone who comes into my studio. But when you walk past the carpet space and onto the hardwood, the vibe is entirely different. This has to do with the orientation of my bed facing away from the windows and exposed to natural light. The addition of sheer white curtains still allow light to come through but with a privacy factor if need be. Waking up to the rising sun pouring through my curtains is such a peaceful experience, and makes the hard act of getting out of bed alone a bit easier to tackle.


My apartment’s color scheme is white and grey, which naturally help my busy mind to calm down at the sight. This also leaves room for color to be incorporated as I see fit, as seen by the use of two statement pillows and an arrangement of green plants in the space of a headboard. I didn’t want a large piece of furniture to cover my exposure to the daylight, as well as block my ability to make use of my limited window display space. Due to my obsession with plants, just the sight of them alone make me happy so I wanted to have them visible from all distances of my apartment when facing my bed.


Due to the placement of my radiator being right behind my bed, the shelf these plants are set on can become quite hot at times. When determining what greens would manage the temperature, as well as remembering what flower arrangements suffered instantly in the past due to the heat exposure, thinking along the lines of desert dwellers helped in my decision making. Noting the cacti and snake plants, these bad boys can endure the warmth and leave me feeling less guilty about keeping them in my window for the sake of display.

Ps, you can cheat the system and invest in come fake succulent plant arrangements (like my purple floral situation) that can convince anyone you have a flourishing indoor garden upon first glance. Also helps to lift some of the guilt burden if you can’t get around to watering the real plants once in your life.


Remember how I mentioned having little reminders to think happy thoughts? You can easily start with the physical written word in a place you’re most likely to see it. When I wake up, the first words I read are ones that motivate me to accomplish what I’ve set for myself to do. They also help to jump start your diligence when considering any sorts of procrastination that really can’t be afforded – story of my life, it seems. But hey, it really works! The minute I read the mini messages surrounding my bedroom and desk, I get right back into the groove of things that I was starting to slack on in the moment.


From bed placement to the color and symbolic messages you choose to surround yourself with to spark happy thoughts, you can make your bedroom the most inspirational space in your home. My apartment may lack rooms but it’s full of positive energy and peace & quiet in the areas I need to feel those vibes in, during all times of the day and night. I hope some of these decorating ideas help to inspire your quest to creating a happy home – or apartment!