Harmony in Lace


Pops of bright color paired with lace seems to be the hot ‘repinned’ look on Pinterest each Spring.

With any light color, they have the tendency to make someone look ‘washed out’ if not coordinated with an appropriate colored garment. In order to avoid that possible situation, be bold and daring with a confident bright color that brings out whatever mood you’re in.

I was feeling content & blissful this day, so I chose coral.


A small clutch and sandal/wedge heels can complete this blissful look, giving it an overall flirty & feminine appearance that is approachable to all people wishing to share your happy-go-lucky attitude.

If I were to walk down the streets of New York City, attend a luncheon, or just enjoy a casual day out shopping,  I would feel dressed for the part. When you dress up for ordinary occasions, there’s a confidence and glow felt within you that everyone can recognize and want to be part of too. How many times have you found yourself determining your mood based off the energies around you? In other terms, if someone is particularly happy, do you find yourself wanting to be around them more than if they were in a bad mood?

When you dress the part, you look and feel the part; confident, sexy, and sophisticated.


Top – Forever21 | Lace Skirt – Lucki Clover | Sandal Heels – Cathy Jean | Bag – Louis Vuitton | Watch – Michael Kors | Sunglasses – Ray Ban

* Photos – TLS Photography

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