Hello, Moto

DSC_0297DSC_0355DSC_0320DSC_0322DSC_0326DSC_0367Details: Forever 21 moto jacket & booties ∙ Zara topsimilar ∙ (g) HUE pants ∙ [(g)= gifted]

The color trio of black, white and red makes for an exceptionally stand-out ensemble regardless of how you style them up. As someone who finds the use of white beneficial past the summer months, a pair of jeggings is a great place to start as a canvas. From there I figured the incorporation of holiday plaid with NYE sparkle suited this “best of December” look I’m striving for, with the addition of a comfy yet edgy moto jacket over my shoulders. It’s just the piece to tie this whole combo together – day or night. Shop similar below:

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