8 Days of Gift Guides | For The Man

It’s Day 3 & today’s guide is all about the boys…

All boys can seem impossible to shop for – from boyfriends, to brothers, to best friends.

I’ve struggled for years trying to think of the most useful, yet unique gift to give and I think I’ve come up with a few great options, in case you’re stuck in that present rut!


  • Patagonia Pullover – tons of fun prints to choose from! Men (and women) love sporting these during the Fall.
  • Yeti Cooler – the only one he’ll ever need, want, and use. These coolers are practically indestructible!
  • Wool Socks – surprisingly, more men I’ve known admit to wanting and needing more of these this time of year.
  • G-Shock Watch – waterproof, masculine, fitness-friendly, and he’ll most likely be on time (maybe!)
  • Polo Black Cologne – I’m obsessed with this smell and think every man should wear it, just sayin’.
  • Ray-Ban Aviators – versatile with every look he’ll wear, and great for a day on the boat or golf course!
  • Steel Flask – deep down, most men want this just to have it. I mean why not, right?