8 Days of Gift Guides | For The Pets

Day 4 is letting the dogs (& cats) out…in this killer gift guide!

You can’t forget about wo(man)’s best friend this holiday season!

I’ve come across some great products for both cats & dogs that are sure to be appreciated by all receiving paws.


  • Pet Teepee – give your furry friend a chic way to nap & relax; great addition to your interior decor, in all seriousness.
  • Sophisticated Litter Box – hiding the unsightly kitty outhouse was the best decision I ever made! My bathroom looks better than ever & stays super clean!
  • Grooming Tools – these rubber/silicone brushes are tough like metal but sensitive to your pet’s delicate skin underneath all the fur; also acts like a massage tool!
  • Toy Box – tidy up all those toys in a durable box that your best friend can still access when he/she decides to play.
  • Blue Buffalo Treats – switching my cat Manny over to the Blue Buffalo diet has dramatically improved his behavior and overall health, so feeding him these healthy snacks makes both of us happy.
  • Pet Weekender –  for small-medium cats & dogs, an easy way to travel home in style & comfort for your companion / your shoulders.