How Has Made Pet Ownership In The City Easier

How Has Made Pet Ownership In The City Easier, City Cat Pet, Black & White Long Haired Cat, Tilden of To Be Bright

I’ve had my cat Manny since my freshman year of college. It was September 2009 & I found him, along with his 2 brothers, in a stereotypical cardboard box on the side of the road. I put all 3 tiny kittens into my backpack & snuck them into my dorm, where I announced to my roommates, “I found 3 kittens. I’m claiming the black & white one with the mustache, but the other two are up for grabs. Who wants one?”

Mind you I never considered myself as a “cat person.” I didn’t dislike them, but I also saw myself owning a dog over a cat. Needless to say, Manny captured my heart at 8 weeks old & continues to be the light of my life now at age 10. From South Carolina, to New Jersey, to New York City – Manny has lived with me through all the highs & lows over the past 10 years. He truly is my #1 & I feel so lucky to have him in my life.

How Has Made Pet Ownership In The City Easier, City Cat Pet, Black & White Long Haired Cat, Tilden of To Be Bright

When I first moved to NYC, it was a big adjustment for Manny. The quiet & calm of suburbia had now been replaced with constant street traffic, noisy neighbors, barking dogs, and all sorts of weird smells. Overtime, he’s gotten used to this louder lifestyle but I always strived to provide him with the comforts of home that he’s grown up with – from the same brand of litter to the food in his bowl.

Little known fact: unlike Starbucks, pet stores are not on every block in NYC. In fact, they’re only a handful of locations in the city overall, and none happen to be near my apartment. I’ve gotten away with quick purchases at Duane Reade, but there’s nothing more dreadful than lugging a large thing of cat litter amongst the busy sidewalks. Not to mention, Manny had a health scare last year that put him on a specialized prescription food that had to be ordered online. So I had to find another solution to ensuring I could keep Manny comfortable & healthy.

How Has Made Pet Ownership In The City Easier, City Cat Pet, Black & White Long Haired Cat, Tilden of To Be Bright

That’s when I discovered

Suddenly, all the stress of city pet ownership disappeared. I finally felt like having Manny in the city with me was no longer an issue. Here’s why:


What ultimately sealed the deal & turned me into a loyal customer was when I discovered I was able to order Manny’s prescription medicated food – you know, the brand that not ONE pet store in NYC carried nor offered to order for me. All I had to do was upload his prescription from the vet ONCE & through my account, I can place an order (or automate it to be sent monthly) without any hassle whatsoever.


Gone are the days where I’d schlep a heavy thing of litter from the store to my apartment. Now I can just order a large size with each monthly order I’m already placing for Manny’s food. Additionally, I can get a few more deodorizing products in one fell swoop and at a much cheaper price than I’d find at a marked-up local pet store.


I never have an issue spending more than $49, provided I purchase two 24-can cases of Manny’s food at a time. Not only is shipping FREE99 for qualifying $49+ orders, but they will also arrive within 1-2 days! If there’s anything city people appreciate, it’s that kind of immediacy.


Owning a cat is way less demanding than owning a dog – especially in a city – but that doesn’t mean it’s an easy, breezy experience. Cats LOVE to scratch and have the ability to destroy furniture within minutes of leaving them unattended. In my unfortunate case, Manny doesn’t care for scratching posts & despite his bi-weekly nail trims, he still manages to get his paws on my upholstered furniture and do some serious damage. I recently found this PetSafe Motion-Activated Deterrent that shoots a puff of harmless spray towards anything that crosses its path within 3 feet. Manny is TERRIFIED of it & as a result, my brand new couch remains scratch-free!

Cats are more self-sufficient when it comes to apartment living, as they don’t require daily walks outdoors. Although it’s not ideal, I’ve been able to leave Manny overnight comfortably knowing he’ll be ok on his own. How I’m able to get away with this once & a while is because of these Automatic Pet Feeders. It’s even possible to schedule his meals 48-hours out, should on the rare occasion I ever find myself traveling last minute & unable to schedule someone to stop by and feed him.

How Has Made Pet Ownership In The City Easier, City Cat Pet, Black & White Long Haired Cat, Tilden of To Be Bright

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