How I Decorated My Apartment For The Holidays

There’s nothing better than the magic of Christmas, especially when you feel it all around. This is the time of year where you’re surrounded by triggers of childhood nostalgia, whether it’s the scent of pine or firewood or seeing a tree lit up in red, green, silver, &/or gold. It’s kind of crazy how much of an impact holiday decor can have on us, psychologically-speaking.

I’m someone who benefits most when comfortable with her surroundings. Given that I work from home, having a space that promotes tranquility with a productive balance is my #1 priority. At the same time, gently incorporating holiday decor within the status-quo of my interior design has proven to be a positive effort. I’m finding myself more excited, happier, and motivated daily being surrounded by an interior interpretation of holiday cheer.

When it comes to decorating, I had to take special consideration to the “degree of holiday” I’d be adding to my space. Living in an apartment limits one of storage, so you don’t want to purchase decor that you wouldn’t find a space for after the season is over. It’s one month of bliss but once the New Year arrives, finding a 11-month home for all your holiday decor could pose as a frustrating endeavor.

Luckily, I’ve found ways to decorate a smaller-space such as mine without feeling compromised of holiday spirit! Here’s how I’ve decorated my space this year & how I intend to store each item afterward.

Please scroll through the images below & shop each piece (or something similar) at the very end. If there’s anything I missed/forgot to link, shoot me a comment below & I will do my best to find the exact item or something incredibly similar.


I personally made sure everything I purchased to reflect my holiday spirit would seamlessly match my existing decor & aesthetic. So I focused on adding decorative pieces that would look great (color & finish-wise) amongst my space, if I decided to keep them around past the holiday season. I also made sure everything was small &/or thin enough to store in a trunk or drawer should I decide to retire it as well.


Artificial greenery is way less of a hassle to maintain, especially for apartment living. No pine needles to pick up & no need to worry if it begins to die quicker than it would outside. The faux plants will continue to look great for years & will remain sustainable in terms of decoration recycling. There are so many types of faux plants that can work into your decor not only for the holiday season, but throughout the rest of the year too!
Just because the plants are faux doesn’t mean you have to compromise on getting that fresh, pine scent inside your space! This candle is BY FAR the best one I’ve ever lit. It makes my apartment smell like a coconut x pine oasis, even when it’s not lit! The scent lingers for hours & hours. It’s a pricier candle purchase but it’s beyond worth it for the nostalgia you’ll be getting instantly once lit.
If you want to enjoy a continuous scent without monitoring the flame, then I highly suggest getting the reed diffuser instead. They’re equally as powerful & oh so wonderful to have amongst your home, especially in smaller spaces & corners.


Pillow Covers are a great way to spruce up your existing throw pillows without paying the price of a brand new pillow! These covers are thin in material which makes them easy to store in a storage trunk or drawer following the conclusion of the holidays.


Dreaming of a White Christmas | Red Snowflake | Merry Christmas + Gold Reindeer Set | Cable Knit

Snow Leopard Throw Blanket


Frocked Garland on Radiator | Frocked Pine Garland on Media Stand | Frocked Mini Trees | Eucalyptus Branches

Farmhouse Cotton Wreath | Frocked Pine Bushel + Birch Plant Pot from Sickles Market


Branch Tree String Lights | White Cord Lights | Mini Silver Flameless Candles | Birchwood Pine Candle

Stars Are Shining Brightly Sign | Reindeer + Gnome on Skis from Sickles Market