How I’m Getting Organized For The New Year


I hope you all had wonderful NYE celebrations and enjoyed the delightfully warm, winter weather we had yesterday – if you’re from the tri-state area. My NYE evening was spent cooking dinner for my boyfriend (made ricotta turkey meatballs!), drinking a bottle of wine each & splitting the champagne, and watching the movie Saving Mr. Banks. #TOTALRAGER

With each New Year, I like to kick off this clean slate by setting myself up for success; and for me, success starts with organization. Both personally & professionally, I’ve found myself at my happiest when I feel like I take control of the things I physically CAN control. Although I’ve already found myself practicing these below tips, I’m going to work harder at making them more consistent within my every day lifestyle so I can feel like it’s engrained in my DNA.

Here are some of the ways I’m getting organized for 2019:



Instead of pushing yourself towards making an unrealistic goal happen in the next 12 months, try aiming smaller by breaking up each month with 1 attainable goal. You’re more likely to hold yourself responsible to seeing a goal through if it’s easier & simpler to achieve.

For example, one of my broader goals is to start reading for pleasure more often. So I’m allowing myself the whole month of January to finish 1 new book. If I find myself succeeding & enjoying what I’ve set out to accomplish, then I’ll most likely continue this goal into February, then March, & so on.


I’m someone who performs my best when I’m reminded of something a few days before + into the day of. That’s why I’ve made sure to calendar both my personal & professional obligations into both digital AND tangible monthly calendars.

The reason for this is because 1) the digital calendar allows me to set & be sent reminders of upcoming events directly to my phone, which comes in handy if I’m out & about, and 2) the tangible calendar allows me to physically write out each event & see the entire month at a glance; plus, I find I’m more likely to remember something if I write it down.

For a digital calendar, I highly suggest using a Google Calendar. You can color-code all the kinds of specific calendars in your life. For example, my Google Cal includes individual colors for “Blog Appointment, Fashion Week, Freelance Work, & Personal Appointment” events which I can see separately or all-together in one calendar view.

As for a tangible, calendar for writing purposes, I love this large monthly one that I’ve placed on my refrigerator for easy use & referral.


A new year means a fresh start, which means it’s the perfect time to declutter those closets, cabinets, & junk drawers in your life. Think about what you’ve used or worn in the last year as you tackle each section, and be diligent about keeping what you NEED versus what you think you want or might use. Chances are if you didn’t take advantage of owning it this past year, there’s no use of keeping it for another 365 days.

Going forward, whatever you bring into your home should have an intended place to stay. If you can’t find a home or purpose for it, then it’s not something you need at the moment. By sticking to this kind of attitude about purchases, you will help limit the amount of clutter that can accumulate in the ongoing year.


They won’t all be the same, but most weekdays & weeknights will prove to be consistent in terms of a schedule. You’re most likely to get up each morning & go to bed each night around the same time(s) during a work week, so setting routines should prove to be beneficial & easy to maintain.

However, it can be just as easy to slack off with these routines as well. You might get lazy and decide to skip brushing your teeth or applying lotions once & a while. But that being said, you’re faced with feeling a bit thrown off or not your best self as a result. It’s a simple act to follow but by having a routine & sticking to it, you’ll find that it will help you feel prepared, refreshed, & on your A-game – whether it’s for the day ahead or the next day to face.


What are some ways that help you get organized?


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