How To Get Strong Abs Before Thanksgiving

If you’ve been following my fitness journey this year, then you’re familiar with my routine of taking an intense HIIT class in the city, 30/60/90, roughly 2-3x a week. I understand this particular workout isn’t ideal for everyone. However, I do know what a majority of us are trying to get or maintain with our chosen workouts during these colder months, especially before the holidays – strong abs.

Not all of us thrive in a workout class or gym environment and that’s totally ok! There’s also that excuse of not having enough time to get a dedicated workout in. While each & every one of us is entitled to his or her opinion of what a “true workout” means, there are still ways you can get a quick & effective ab workout in daily, without needing equipment, and within the comfort of your own home/space too.

Here are some quick ways to get strong abs before Thanksgiving

Each of these 4 exercises are designed to be done in order, one at a time, for 3 sets total. Meaning you’ll do each exercise a total of 3x per workout. For the most effective results: do this routine once a day, 7 days a week.


Hold for 30 seconds in the first set, 45 seconds for the second, and 60 seconds for the third. Once you get used to it, try holding for one minute for each of the 3 sets in the upcoming weeks.

Tip: Use the stopwatch on your phone to keep yourself honest with the full minute of planking. I always close my eyes when timing myself because I find it’s easier to hold the plank if I’m not staring at the countdown. It will always beep once time is up!


Maintain plank position and kick your knees one at a time towards your chest, as fast as you can, 50 times per set (25 per side).


Lie on your back with your hands behind your head & elbows pointed up to ceiling. Raise torso as you would for a sit-up, twist at a diagonal angle so that the elbow is aimed towards the opposite knee which your simultaneously driving inward towards the head, and vice versa for the other elbow/knee. Do at a quick pace, 50 times per set (25 per side).


In seated position with both legs raised at equal level, twist body and touch each side of the ground next to your hips with both hands. Go back and forth at fast pace, 50 times per set (25 per side).

These aren’t designed to be super challenging exercises on purpose, but when done at a fast pace with limited to zero breaks in-between sets, you’ll definitely feel a good burn towards the end. The goal is to motivate you to get a quick & effective ab workout in that doesn’t take away from the busy life you lead.

I get that each day is different and schedules can be unpredictable but there’s definitely a moment of stability within 24 hours, and those are our morning & evening routines. To keep yourself in check, maybe try scheduling your quick ab workout right before you plan to take a shower; that way you’re reminded to get it done each time & can easily rinse off right afterward!

This should go without saying but if you want to see results when going this route, then you have to be diligent by making yourself a schedule/reminder that will hold you responsible for getting it done each day. Whether that means setting a physical alarm during the day or waking up an hour earlier to get it done & over with, the only way you’ll look & feel the way you’d like is by putting the work in.

Disclosure: I’m not an expert nor professional fitness instructor but I know what has worked for me in the past when striving for stronger abs. However, everyone’s body is different, as well as our metabolisms, eating habits, etc. Therefore I cannot promise or guarantee results from the exercises I’m suggesting above. 



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