In The Limelight || Absolut x MiniBar


Fun fact #1: I HATE Gin. I don’t use that word lightly, it really isn’t kind to me – I’d like to blame poor choices in college and my pre-existing condition that isn’t too fond of liquor’s harshness. Therefore if I’m going to choose any kind of hard beverage to drink, It’ll be of quality to buffer the hangover (if any) and make my night 10x more enjoyable.

Fun fact #2: Vodka Tonics are my everything. Not to say I drink them every time I go out but when it’s beautifully made, the taste is unlike any other. Naturally, I’ve come to appreciate a certain taste to my Vodka Tonic and have experimented over the years to concoct the ideal beverage for myself – one that includes a gracious amount of lime.


Thanks to Absolut & MiniBar, I have all the tools any bartender would appreciate having to create the perfect Vodka Tonic which I’ve named “In The Limelight.” With my kit came a shaker, a strainer, a muddler, several limes, Absolut straws and some extra lime juice (not pictured but trust me, I used it.)

Now I know everyone doesn’t have the ability to control the amount of ingredients per drink when ordered at a bar. Sometimes you taste straight up tonic water or other times you can’t even swallow a sip without the sensation of holding nail polish remover in your mouth. But when you DO have the choice to have it your way, start with the obvious: Absolut Vodka of your choice, tonic water (Schweppes is my favorite) and plentiful lime options in physical or liquid form.


Using the MiniBar shaker, I made sure to include lime juice, as well as a few ice cubes within the mix of vodka and tonic. While shaking, the lime flavor gets naturally infused into the two liquids and the ice helps to maintain a chilled temperature once poured into a fresh glass. When pouring, I used the MiniBar strainer to collect the ice (even though I added it right back for the sake of the picture.) On a normal day, I like to avoid getting ice to the face when trying to get the last drop out of my glass. We all know what I’m talking about..

As per amounts poured, I do my best to pour 1/3 Vodka and 2/3 Tonic. Here’s why: The drink tastes so good already that if I go overboard on the first few drinks, I’ll be that 23-year-old girl at the party… and I’m too old for that title. This way I can mentally handle more while physically staying in-check. I also like to drop one lime slice in the drink itself (unsqueezed) and rest one on the lip of the glass for any last minute additions. If that isn’t enough, I turn to the lime juice for that extra kick.

There you have it, my beverage of choice when it comes to liquor. But remember, liquor is quicker and bound to make you sicker. Please drink responsibly, kids.

* To Be Bright is partnered with Absolut & MiniBar for the authorized promotional use of gifted products & sponsored posts. All opinions are my own.