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FINALLY. I’ve gotten myself to complete this very elaborate post of my apartment tour! When I say I’ve been planning this for months, I’m talking since January when I moved in. Although I will never be 100% satisfied with the layout and am guaranteed to continue working on it down the road, I seriously couldn’t be happier with the turn out. Six months of work went into the making of this pre-war studio sanctuary and I’ve met some incredible brands & designers along my interior design journey. Hope you enjoy!



One of the most important spaces in my apartment is where I blog from. Having OCD and affected by negative energy, I think I moved my desk around the entire square footage of my space before settling it here. It’s really sad but I seriously can’t work unless I’m 95% satisfied with where I work. Otherwise, I’ll be the definition of unproductive.

If you haven’t been able to tell already, my apartment’s color scheme is a minimalist blend of grey and white with a touch of gold. The idea of birch trees and woodland vibes make subtle but approachable appearances throughout my space. I feel very calm and at ease when working here, especially with a curtain used as a divider to keep my attention front and center.

And no, you’re not seeing double – I have two laptops on my desk. One for photo editing and the other for emails/travel. You can guess which one I prefer to carry around with me.. Between my Apple tag team and my Day Designer keeping my schedule in check, I feel prepared for each day. Trust me when you have over 50+ emails greeting you every morning, any help in the organization department is key.

Shop the space:

Target desk // Container Store ladder shelf // TJ Maxx chair – similar // White Faux Taxidermy deer head // Bed, Bath & Beyond curtain // Day Designer planner // Society 6 marble laptop skins



When I’m not working myself into the late hours of the night – #twojobissues – this is where I unwind and occasionally take a nap if I don’t make it to my bed…a few feet away. The best part about my space is how the layout enables me to create three different rooms without confusion. For instance, it would be super strange to walk through my kitchen and bedroom in order to watch TV with friends. I got very lucky with this find.

Although this is the area I’m still working on, it’s still the coziest area to simply chill out in. Plus between this shag rug and ultra soft blankets, who wouldn’t make themselves at home right here? Oh and for the person who takes a lot of pictures in his/her space, consider LED Daylight bulbs. I switched mine out to achieve that natural white light and not only do my pictures turn out great but I also save close to $50/month on my electric bill!

Shop the space:

Ikea couch, chair – similar, & mirror – similar // West Elm gold pillows – similar // white shag rug // Under the Canopy eternal love pillow // Saranoni custom blanket // Charm & Gumption Hustle print 



Now here’s the best spot in the apartment to be unproductive and comfy while at it. I swear there are many, many mornings where it feels somewhat impossible to get out of my cloud-like bed. Clearly, I have a fantastic headboard/footboard to remind me of the splendid moments in case I stay up too late. I find that humor is the best way to welcome your guests – naturally, a headboard for my sleeping habits and a pillow detailing my social habits can say a good amount but thankfully my clean apartment keeps a positive first impression..I hope?

Things I like in my shelves: scented candles and reading material. I get a lot of my inspiration for post titles and ensembles from these mags and books I’ve picked up over the years. One day my entire bookshelf will be two full tiers of modern literature. This built-in feature is one of the main reasons I chose this apartment; how charming is that!?

Shop the space:

IKEA bedding – similar // Pamela Joyce Designs headboard // Shop Birthday Girl champagne pillow



I love how my kitchen is dedicated to one short wall and beautifully separates itself from the rest of my space. The cabinets give me the utmost storage and I couldn’t be more grateful for it..technically the top row is being used as the “attic space.”

As you can see by my limited amount of space, I do not own a formal dining table..or a table meant for dining. At the moment I don’t intend on inviting more than two people over for a meal so transforming my desk into a cozy eating space suits me just fine. Plus I feel like a real queen being able to have my meals on gold-detailed dinnerware.

Shop the space:

Lenox Eternal Gold place setting



Well guys, my space is small but there’s still more to see! But you’re gonna have to wait..

Behind these closed doors are (2) closets and my bathroom. As much as I want to show them now, they aren’t ready to be presented. My storage is very limited and with a constant incoming of product, I’m running out of space to store my clothes & shoes! HALP. If anyone has a solution, comment below! Part two of my apartment tour will come as soon as possible. Until then, the chaos of organization struggles continues!

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