Jaded Jacquard

The easiest way to make a casual, neutral piece stand far out is with the inclusion of a great pattern. In this case, a pair of embroidered floral booties that I’ve had my eye or two on for some time now. I love how they make the simplicity of this shirt dress a perfect partner for the bold detail. Not to mention the adorable lace sleeve trim is a nice touch to a basic black piece.

⋆ Pretty Little Thing shirt dress
⋆ ASOS embroidered booties
⋆ Rebecca Minkoff bag
⋆ Luco Charles watch

Alongside with the boots is the addition of a bag that utilizes the color of the print to its advantage. Although not 100% included in the original color scheme, this beige bag pulls from the lighter hues of the flower colors, and coordinates fairly well considering.