Jammin’ With The House of Marley

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Recently I’ve taken extreme interest in the music I listen to when I blog, when I walk to work and even when I’m getting ready to go out. Like most humans, there are certain emotions and mind sets that are triggered by specific melodies and tempos when heard. I’m no music wiz but I definitely know what beats to approach and which ones to avoid when I’m feeling a particular way. And now with Tuesday & Thursday blog posts, you’ll get a glimpse into how I felt writing/wearing what’s featured with a song recommendation or reminder from an ongoing Spotify playlist called To Be [Beats]!

As I’ve been listening and curating this playlist, having the right outlet to help me feel the music has been a tremendous perk. This Get Up Stand Up audio system from The House of Marley – yes, Bob Marley’s brand – has changed the way I select my music choices even more so than solely listening on my computer. The sound that comes from it cannot be compared to my desktop speakers, as the acoustics are not as sharp and much easier to take in.

What really sells this system is the convenience of wireless audio streaming. Pairing up my phone was a two-step process of clicking buttons and I was instantly able to stream to my Spotify. There’s a USB port that allows for multiple devices to be charged and with a pair of auxiliary inputs, you can easily connect any non-wireless device and listen to its playlist.

Forget your old school iHome, this system is the 2016 version of listening to music & its device compatibility as well as the ease of its use cannot be matched.

Ps, if you’re interested in hearing how it sounds, follow me on SNAPCHAT [username: TILLLBEE] or click here & fall in love with the vibes coming from these speakers.