Join The Movement | PuraVida


As a campus rep for this amazing brand, I can tell you first off how much I admire it. The assortment of available colors & styles is constantly evolving and there’s something for every unique individual. From charity awareness to collection pieces, PuraVida Bracelets is elite when it comes to representing what’s important to oneself.

My chosen assortment comes from the Gold Charms Collection, Flat Braided Collection and Original Collection. Also, you’ll recognize a white lace-like hair tie offered by PuraVida as well. I love how this one adds impact to the darker colors  of my arm party.


Above: Gold Arrow Black, Gold 3 Circle Burgundy, Flat Braided Burgundy

(Pictured in first image: Superior Sandcastle)

Below: Black + White Pack 
Here’s the BEST PART!
When you order from PuraVida, you can get a major discount off your purchase! I mean MAJOR.

Using the discount code provided below and receive 50% your first purchase! You can also use my personal code, BRIGHTON10, for 10% off all day every day as you please. * I do not believe you can use both codes at once, but try it and see what happens.