|| Free People overalls | Urban Outfitters top – similar | DIY converse ||

Here’s a tip for people, like myself, who don’t abide by the 8-hour sleep rule on a normal basis — YOU WILL GET SICK. Last week I probably got a good 6 hours, give or take, in total. This week, I’m paying for it with a serious head cold that makes me feel part-zombie and part-delirious.

I definitely should have attempted to get more sleep when I had the opportunity to, but I’m the type of person who stresses until everything that can be done immediately is taken care of. Glad I have all weekend to recover, but I don’t suggest doing what I did to feel like an overachiever. In the meantime, please enjoy my Instagram-filtered images of overalls over a lace top, fitted to comfortable-casualness with a pair of sneaks. I really hope everything I’ve written above makes sense — it’s one of those mentally-absent days..