Just Be-You-tiful.


‘A leopard can’t change its spots,’ is a phrase that defines our character and sticking to the nature of our selves, not necessarily in a negative context as it is perceived to be known.  My interpretation of it means to ‘be you, don’t be someone else to please others, and don’t change who you are inside to be accepted in this stereotypical world’.  You are your own original self, so own it & express it, without hesitation or fear of rejection.

Nonetheless, this is an #ootd post; so therefore, I am wearing a beige knit sweater (Urban Outfitters) over Bullhead brand jeans (Pac Sun), finished with a black leather jacket (Forever 21) and a green knit scarf (Anthropologie.)

“Be who you are & say how you feel, for those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind.”