Just Fab: Reasons to Shop

If you’ve heard of Kimora Lee & LOVE to buy shoes, keep reading.


Out of sheer boredom, I decided to go online to JustFab.com to see what was making it so commercial worthy. I’ve partially committed to online shoe sellers before, like Shoe Dazzle, but I never felt like the so called ‘chosen stylist’ understood what I liked, despite the short personality quiz.  I took this one’s quiz with doubt under my skin, because I clearly was doing this to keep myself occupied.

I love being incorrect with premature judgements, considering how fantastic the shoe selection is for me. Not only was my collection ready and available to purchase from, but also I was able to view the other shoes offered on the site. So many of the looks be applied into my everyday and evening style.

Screen Shot 2013-05-02 at 3.43.11 PM

Falling in love with the Morticia heeled sandal, I instantly clicked Add to Cart.  I realized that I not only got 50% off my first purchase for signing up, but also get FREE SHIPPING for EVERY PURCHASE.  So yes, these little beauties are heading to my address for only $19.95. These scream NYC and give me more than enough reason to enjoy my evenings out.

If you love shoes, love browsing shoe styles, and would like to buy really nice quality ones that don’t rob your wallet, consider JustFab.com the next time you online shop.