Let’s Get Juicin’ | JUS by Julie

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I’ve never considered myself the type of human who would go on a juice cleanse, frankly because I hate feeling so hungry and like to avoid such pains. There’s also the concern of lightheadedness that wouldn’t fly with my busy schedule. Many of you might agree to this and avoid the idea of a juicing all together. I thought so myself until I found a regiment that helped me stay on track, kept me energized and not feel dizzy all while allowing me to continue my hectic daily routine.

Jus by Julie makes it easy to juice because you’re allowed to “cheat” the system with a list of PERMITTED foods and beverages you may have while cleansing. Steamed veggies and egg whites along with 1-2 cups of coffee are some of the things I was allowed to “indulge” in and frankly, I felt very relieved to have them in my life that week. Sometimes knowing you have an alternative is all you need to keep your cleanse momentum going. Although I did feel a little dizzy at times, I made sure to drink a ton of water and lightly exercise if I felt up to it. Of course, you’re recommended to take it easy for that one week which was way fine by me as well.

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The Jus by Julie Cleanse makes it easy by giving you a step-by-step regiment to follow both during and after your cleanse, to get you back on track and feeling healthier than ever. You can pick from the 1-Day, 3-Day or 5-Day cleanse options so you don’t feel overwhelmed dedicating an entire work-week to a borderline liquid diet if you’re not up for it. The post-cleanse menu made it easy for me to stick with a regiment that made juicing one week very worthwhile. I feel like I have more energy, I’m sleeping better and making even more conscientious food/drink choices following this cleanse.

So if you’re like me and doubted all juicing regiments, I seriously suggest giving Jus by Julie a try. The ingredients are organic and natural plus the information and guideline make it very do-able. Let’s just say this would be a great New Year’s Resolution kick if you’ve been looking to get on the healthier track.