Let’s Talk Combat

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Here’s a mini set of some fall-inspired picks relating to the infamous combat boot. If this concept interests you but you have commitment issues – take a gander at this non-binding suggestion. Above shows a comparison of just some of the styles combat boots can come in. Clockwise, you begin with a downtown option that of course, can be worn in the daylight. A burgundy leather is unique, if the common taupe and dark brown colors bore you. Diagonally, a hunter green can satisfy your craving for differentiation. Fold overs, like the middle and to its right, usually come permanently showcasing the inside fabric. However, there are combat options that allow you to wear as both high-tops or fold-overs. Lastly, a more bohemian take on the combat, in a charcoal gray, for those of you that need the boot to tailor to your specific style. At the end of the day, you’ll never know what works best unless you try. Never fear the perception of doubt.

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