Life Lately: December

Hey There! Long Time, No See..

With family in town over the weekend & exciting things happening in my personal life, I found myself turning off & enjoying the moments more so than I usually do. It was kind of like an impromptu mini break and the time I took for myself ended up boosting my energy & motivation! So I’m back on track & have LOTS to catch you guys up on! And yes, I’m aware we’re only 12 days into the month..but it feels like Christmas came early for me this year!

I decided to split this post up to share both my personal life updates, as well as my latest purchases that I’m truly giddy about sharing with you guys. So much GOOD is happening right now, from real time to what’s in my shopping cart & arriving at my doorstep.

Personal Life Updates


I met someone & he’s really great – he even sends me my favorite flowers without knowing how much I love white roses!

I’ve been out of the “relationship scene” for a while (on purpose) & although I dating and meeting new people, I really took this time to figure out what I wanted for myself. This was also the time I took to truly get over the burn of my past relationship, which I have no ill-feelings about; it was perfect when it was & meant to happen to me. But with each new chapter, you have to allow yourself the time to reflect on what can be made better the next time around; which has only proven to be the BEST decision I could’ve made for my personal growth. 

Now I’m not the type of person who overshares or spam advertises their relationship online – not my style. I’m going to respect & protect his privacy, as things are still very new. Luckily, I’ve known this guy since I was 15 so there’s a comfort in familiarity that’s already established.

It’s only fair that I share this news with you guys, as you’ve been so supportive of my vulnerability & honesty in a handful of posts over the last 2-3 years; you’re my digital family & I’m forever grateful for you all.

We got to visit our retired family member over Thanksgiving!

Seeing Nikko enjoying his 24-year-old self in a field of horses was probably the highlight of my year. This horse gave me EVERYTHING when I was chasing a career as a Nationally-ranked equestrian. He deserves nothing but the best & I’m so thankful to have had such a wonderful, amazing animal come into my life. He truly set the foundation to my success, as well as taught me how to believe in miracles.

Ps, this is a glimpse of our family Christmas card this year & yes, we still manage to get together for a yearly card to please our parents.

I hosted an exclusive holiday shopping event at Bluemercury!

This evening was truly eye-opening for me, because 1) I was introduced to the best makeup artist EVER, and 2) I discovered a newfound love for a brand that’s changed how I do my makeup!

Never have I ever liked getting my makeup done at a beauty counter because I don’t wear a lot to begin with & always found myself looking at a reflection I didn’t recognize once done. But then I met Amy & everything changed! She did the most beautiful job and nailed the glammed up natural look I was hoping to get (seen above.) Plus, she’s a total doll and so easy to talk to, as well as extremely informative about the products she uses & how to apply it.

That being said, Amy is a Trish McEvoy Makeup Artist and introduced me to what I’m considering my GO-TO beauty brand for most of my makeup going forward. I fell in love with the product and how well it adapted to my skin type (which is extra dry.)

Here are some of the products I highly recommend trying for yourself:

Amy is based in the Monmouth County area of New Jersey and available for booking (including NYC with advance scheduling.)

Recent Winter Purchases


Shopbop has a new boutique on Amazon now & I’ve been shopping up a STORM on both sites (sorry wallet…) but when deals & finds are this good, it’s hard to let them go!

Here are some of my favorite December finds:

The lace up boots I’m wearing in the above picture are my absolute FAVORITE! This particular color way is from last year, but I love the new black/raspberry wine version for 2018 A LOT. I actually just got them in this cognac/brown color because they’re just so perfect!

Just ordered this oversized faux sherpa coat in this luscious black color.

Combat boots are also trending in my wardrobe right now. I scored this studded pair on Black Friday and love wearing them out on nights I’m team “NO HEELS.” Here’s another everyday pair I always get questions about when I show them on IG.

Cozy sweater finds that are currently ON SALE include this striped henley pullover (wearing above), balloon sleeve pullover, rugby stripe pullover, & super soft henley sweatshirt.

I can’t wait to wear this thermal base layer set when I go skiing!

Amazon truly delivered with my winter accessory finds, especially because most of them came in sets of 3+! Some of my scores include these crochet boot cuffs, crochet twist headbands, smart touch gloves (that actually work!), knitted pom beanies, wool winter socks + color-blocked winter socks (wearing in mirror pic above) + Christmas sherpa-lined socks (as seen in the first image of this post way up top).

Never again will I pick up the wrong phone from the table, thanks to my custom iPhone case! It was so hard to choose from the selection of cases & customizations but I love the font spelling my name & how it goes vertically up the side of my phone. Ps, Use code TILDENB for 15% off your order!