Life Lately + Our Move To Hoboken!

It’s been officially one week + a few days since our move to Hoboken! I honestly couldn’t be happier to be here right now. As much as I loved my time in NYC, I feel like here is exactly where I’m supposed to be in this moment of my life. I’ve traded my 27th floor high-rise overlooking the Seaport for a spacious 2 bed/2 bath on the 3rd floor of a dead-end street, and I couldn’t be happier about it. So far, we’ve been spending our time walking around the neighborhood exploring coffee & lunch spots, organizing our space together, and sleeping with the windows all the way open. I can’t wait to build a home here with Thomas & feel incredibly blessed to be doing so.

Moving day was unbelievably stressLESS thanks to the incredibly team from Roadway Moving, which I partnered with to help me with my move. Not only did they show up on time (earlier even) and packed/wrapped everything of mine to perfection, but they even beat us to Hoboken from Fidi with the truck. Efficiency to the max. I only have positive things to say about my experience with Roadway Moving and HIGHLY recommend them for your next move. In case you want to see how the actual moving day went, there’s an IG Highlight “Moving!” that shares behind-the-scenes from beginning to end.

Our third roommate Manny (my cat) finally joined us in the 07030 & I couldn’t be happier to have him back home with us. After his minor health setback in October, I figured it would be best to keep him at my parent’s house so he could get 24/7 attention while I was traveling & planning this move. Now that we have everything relatively in order, the time was right to bring him back. So far he’s absolutely loving it here! The windows are his favorite, along with the attention of now two humans provided for him every single day.

We spent the weekend assembling furniture, which has wrecked havoc on my hands & nails. I purposely haven’t gotten a manicure since our Bahamas trip because of all the wear & tear that comes with moving and I don’t see one in my future anytime soon. Once we stop getting deliveries requiring assembly, then I’ll treat myself.

With this new move & new change of pace, I opted to change my appearance too – by giving my hair a MAJOR chop! I think I lost about 7-8″ & have zero regrets about it. My head feels lighter not being weighed down by tons of heavy hair, and my shower/hair care routine has drastically gotten easier & quicker. Plus, I feel like I look my age of 28 finally which I kind of appreciate, considering I still get carded like I’m under 21 at times…

I’ll be sharing the updates we’re making to the apartment, along with the home decor finds & organization plans, to my IG Highlight “Hoboken Apt” if you want to check out or shop anything featured. I’ll also be posting each new space reveal here on the blog as soon as they come together; hoping to have at least the living room and my “offlet” (hate the word “cloffice”) done before Thanksgiving. Fingers crossed!


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