Love Tap By An App ∙ Heart Is In


Set the scene: It’s Monday (naturally) and you have over 1000 emails to answer, demands every two minutes from your boss that must be fulfilled in five minutes or less and little to no time to even get a bite of your home-brought sandwich. In short, your day has been terrible thus far and it’s only noon. The solution: a hug, a coffee, or someone to tell you you’re special. But this is probably why 95% of the population despise Mondays – you have zero time to take a breather and tune out the world – i.e. use your phone. So you can forget about talking to anyone to get your mind off your terrible day – there’s no time for that..or is there?

No, you still don’t have the time to text during the crazy work day but if you knew that someone special in your life was thinking of you despite both of your busy schedules, you’d feel happier right? Sure you would. That’s why the latest and most popular app from Japan has just hit the US Market to help connect loved ones of all scenarios keep in contact with a simple symbol – a heart.


Heart Is In is an app that allows you to send a simple heart back and forth to your partner, bff, sister or whomever helps make your day that much better when communicating. With the busy schedules of almost everyone these days, making time to simply text during work hours can be almost impossible – trust me, I set alarms to remind myself to post to Instagram for TBB while at work.. 

So the easy tapping of a heart that you can send and receive right back fills the void of that text that you may need from someone but understand is unlikely to be sent due to the chaos of work. Think of it as a little love tap by the app.


Make it a game and see how many you can get away with during a day, a week, whatever! It might help relieve the stress of work plus make you feel happier overall when receiving a little heart of a reminder that someone special is thinking of you. Cheers to the 2015 digital version of saying “I love you” when work and life bullies your schedule.

Download Heart Is In for Android & iPhone here.