The Meaning Behind My Blog’s Name

Outfit Details

Dress: Tularosa (old – maxi dress style) | Boots: Zara (old – love these!)


A couple of people have asked me over the years, “Where did you come up with the blog name ‘To Be Bright’?”
So here’s a short and sweet story about how TBB came to be! (lol rhymes)

Five or six years ago, my sister and I were brainstorming names for a blog we both wanted to use for our sister blog. We spent a good year “planning” what content we would cover each and how our site will look. Keep in mind this is back during a time when blogging wasn’t even close to the industry it is today; affiliate links and html were foreign languages and neither of us understood the amount of work that truly went into such a platform that strived for success.

Nonetheless we decided on a great name that represented both us Brighton girls – our blog would be called ‘Two Be Bright.”

A year later and both my sister and myself were in completely different places in our lives. One thing led to another and ultimately I decided to take on the blog myself, but for a completely different purpose than originally planned. My intention was to use my blog as an online resume, a platform to showcase my graphic design projects (my major at the time) and student magazine blog posts in hopes to land a coveted internship in NYC.

It was January 2013 and the peak time to begin a blog that by spring will be substantial enough to include on my resume when applying for summer internships. In a rush to get going and not satisfied with anything else I came up with on my own, I chose the original blog name my sister and I agreed upon but with one-less letter; aka “To Be Bright.”

Fast forward 4 1/2 years: I had no idea how much meaning my blog’s name would prove to have, both personally and professionally. To Be Bright is a representation of not just my style, but the person I’ve become through blogging. It’s taught me to put my best foot forward, to dress in a way that makes me feel my best and ‘brightest’, along with providing me with the opportunity to grow in levels of self-confidence I couldn’t even imagine having all those years ago.

Despite picking it out on a pre-determined whim, maybe there’s a reason no other name resonated with me when deciding what to call my blog. Because deep down inside, I ultimately wanted it to represent me, in all forms, through all my ages and life lessons earned & learned.