As I awoke for my 5:30 am Starbucks study grind, I couldn’t stop playing JT’s new song Mirrors in my head.

Maybe it’s the melody or meaning that’s grown on me since watching the music video, but I can’t think of a more creative, modern, and impacting song/video combination like Mr. Sexy Back’s.

The basis of JT’s music video incorporates his grandparents’ life stories and how they reflect the better halves of each other that made them fall in love. Since mirrors stand for reflection of who someone is, this is a reflection of my mood: content, neutral, and slight anxiety to be done with finals.

Light wash & destroyed skinny jeans with a dark loose tee & paired with an oversized beige/oatmeal cardigan reflects the casual attitude I am attempting to pass off, when deep inside, I’m nervous as hell to take 2 finals this morning alone. The balance of light, dark, light makes each piece stand out alone, as well as keeps it interesting with different colors playing off each other. The destroyed concept of my jeans shows I’m a little on edge this morning, but also makes a basic garment more appealing.

Destroyed Jeans – Bullhead Black | Top – Zara | Oversized Cardigan – Target