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Transforming Separates -> Modern Military Fashionista

There’s a trick that many people should consider when shopping for clothes, in order to save your wallet from starvation of lost money – shop for an outfit, not for pieces.  Yes, there are always exceptions, but in general, when you’re shopping for pleasure, think of an outfit you’d like to add to your closet you may have seen on Pinterest or Wanelo.  Attempt to find separate pieces that work together to incorporate that look you’re trying to achieve, as well as have these pieces be able to stand alone, if worn for a different occasion.


* Forever 21 – all pictures of clothing featured.

The Military look has been trending for years, but most recently has it been seen showcasing displays for major stores, such as Urban Outfitters and Forever21.  Although I am a die heart UO shopper, sometimes I think their products can be overpriced for the quality of the fabrics used.  Forever21 is famous for its knock-offs, even ones that can be found at UO, but for a much more approachable price.


So here’s what I found separately throughout the store that work in sync to create that military ensemble –

– camo pullover sweater
– white skinny destroyed-denim jeans with ankle zips
– green washout & black (p)leather sleeved bomber jacket

Worn together or individually, these pieces accomplish the overall look my goal was to portray.