My Rediscovered Appreciation of The Ponytail

On any given day, I’m guaranteed to scoop my hair into a pony – but not for any reason other than to workout or get it out of my face while doing housework. Rarely do I opt for a ponytail as my chosen hairstyle for date night, or any night out frankly, because I don’t find it as attractive of a choice like wearing my hair down. The reason behind that thought process has a lot to do with the width of my pony and the lack of volume when gathered in a hair tie. That is until this incredible tool called Big Tail came into my life.

I don’t know if you’ve seen what’s on the shelves, but every hair accessory that claims to “help give your pony more volume” frankly looks like a foreign object with very little direction on how to use it. Also most are incredibly uncomfortable looking/feeling & appear to have the potential to trigger a headache when worn, that is if you don’t already get a headache trying to figure out how to add it to your existing pony. I’m all about experimenting with hair ties & scrunchies to glam up this signature up-do, but have found my pony’s tail to disappear under access fabric, especially when using a larger-sized one for ‘impact’ so to speak.

What makes Big Tail different than everything else on the market is its practicality when it comes to material & shape. It gently glides within the strands of your hair as you slide it upward to position it, unlike those tools made of sticky silicone that grab and yank on your hair. Its wide-round neck enables the hair tie to be easily wrapped around, enhancing the width of your pony to appear more full.

Big Tail offers two sizes: Warrior (pink, small-size) & Goddess (champagne, large size.) With each purchase, you get both sizes as there’s a possibility one won’t work on your hair type – which ended up being the case for me & my thick hair. The Warrior didn’t hold in my hair while the Goddess did! So there’s zero discouragement if you find one doesn’t work for you – that’s why there’s two!


Take a look at the difference of my ponytails with the use of the Goddess.

I’ll also mention that it’s BEYOND comfortable, so much so that I forgot I was wearing it after a couple hours. I wanted to test out how long I could wear it & if it would ever slip/wiggle out over time – which it never did!

What a difference, right!? If you’re curious on how it’s used, I’m sharing how easy it is to add to my ponytail over on my Instagram Stories; I’ve also saved these frames to this Beauty Highlight here in case you’re reading this post after the 24 hour mark.

Needless to say, I’ll be opting for a ponytail much more often going forward, starting with the next opportunity I get to leave the house for a day/night out. I’m so excited with how much fuller & more attractive my ponytail looks now and it’s all thanks to Big Tail!

PS – Use my code BRIGHT5 for $5 off your order!