New Additions

IMG_9445IMG_9424IMG_9479IMG_9543IMG_9417IMG_9435IMG_9505Details: Forever 21 jacket || (g) Lucky Brand jeans || H&M sweater || (g) Style Edit sneakers || Neff beanie || Ray-Bans

Along with my 2015 life & style comes new additions to my wardrobe, as well as sorting through what shall be sold, donated & tossed. I’ve mentally (and physically) written a “wish list” of items that I would like to invest in, purchase when available, etc. For as long as I can remember, a blush faux fur coat and a new pair of sunnies have been re-written and constantly thought over. Although the wait time I purposely gave myself was rather extensive, I couldn’t be happier with the choices I’ve made. Like can these sunnies be any cooler!? I think it’s time to retire my old reliable gradient shades for a bit.

PS. I also just realized how boarder-babe this look appears… #IBlameTheSnow #FunnyBecauseISki #WishISnowboarded #DeprivedOfExperiences #TooManyHashtags. Shop similar below:


While we’re on the topic of new additions to lifestyle and if you didn’t catch my Instagram yesterday, I’m indeed moving to NYC this Friday. As happy as I am for no longer having to write/edit/publish these posts while commuting via mass transit after this week, every day after work will be more than exhausting trying to pack. But hey, it’ll be worth it.

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