New Apartment: Entry Reveal


I can’t really call this an entry “hall” unless walking 5 steps from the door to the living/kitchen counts; regardless I’m happy to have the wall space needed to make this a form of an entrance in a NYC apartment!

To be honest, I’m still in the works of perfecting this area. I’m someone who will change up the layout of an area over and over again until I feel satisfied with it. I’ve moved around the wall art and table decor A LOT in the last few days, and will probably do it again following this post.

In the meantime, I invite you to take a look & (hopefully) get some inspiration about how I chose to design this space. And of course, all the items featured are shoppable via the links below by exact style or “very” similar, as some of them are no longer in stock.

“Life” Quote: Society 6 | Buddha Figurine

When I first read this quote, it really resonated with me & remained in my head for a few hours. Every person who’s read it interprets it in a different way, based on what they’re personally going through in the life they’re living. I think that’s what makes it so magical; it also makes for a perfect reminder to read as I’m walking out the door.

Funny story about this Buddha figurine…I “borrowed” it from a basement party of a good friend YEARS ago (circa 2009 actually) and didn’t tell him until a year ago! I was into the hippie/boho lifestyle and incorporated this Buddha in my college dorm & apartment decor all these years later. I asked if he wanted it back & he kindly allowed me to keep it, given the history I’ve had with it LOL.

Accent Mirror: Wayfair

After noticing I kept running to my full-length bedroom mirror for last minute appearances, I figured it would make more sense to incorporate one on the wall right before walking out the door. I fell in love with the size and shape of this mirror and think the unique wooden lightweight frame adds a great touch to the rest of my monochromatic white scheme.

Entry Table: Target | Pineapple Framed Art | Gold Flowers: Venus Et Fleur | Gardenia Candle | Marble Tray | Reed Diffuser: Antica Farmacista | Marble Coaster | Pineapple Figurine


I like to place items based on shape balance. Staggering wall art from left to right is the most natural to the eye upon first glance, and feels less overwhelming when viewed. In terms of placement of the decorative items on the table, height of each item played a major part in determining where each would go, while keeping the “white space” of the wall behind it in consideration.

Bee Key Fob: Henri Bendel

How cute is this key charm!? I have a special place for this insect, given that I grew up having honey bees and enjoyed the “fruit” of their harvest in my occasional cups of tea.

Fun fact: I’m actually allergic to them, after being stung by a swarm of 20 yellow jackets at age 7 when my Grandma accidentally shoveled into an underground nest in the garden. Getting stung that many times at once can actually mimic a form of “overdose” from the venom in the stingers.

Needless to say, I like to keep my distance from those evil hornets & wasps…but furry bumble & honey bees I find adorable!

Horse Framed Art: Society 6 | Golden Arrow: Etsy | Faux Orchid | Runner Rug: Overstock

I had to have an image of a horse someplace in my apartment, given my history before the blog & all.. But it happened to look beautiful in the below space of the table, especially next to the runner rug in terms of color coordination.

As for the golden arrow, I originally wanted to have it hung on the wall with the mirror & pineapple, but I’m not 100% sure where it should go. Should it go between the two frames? Or above the pineapple pointed at the mirror?

What do you guys think?