Night Vision

IMG_4667IMG_4702IMG_4788IMG_4642IMG_4673IMG_4770IMG_4736Details: (g) FOXIEDOX x Nasty Gal jumpsuit ∙ black high-neck top

As much as I would adore wearing something made for a summer evening soiree, I have to remind myself that it is 20°F or below outside. Unless I want to become a permanent icicle on the streets of New York, there’s a compromise to be made.

With all spring/summer pieces coming out in stores about now, it seems practically impossible to wear such a concept this month – for the shopper, this concept leads to either a purchase that hibernates in the closet for a hot minute or the choice to not buy and regret the decision when the item deems, “no longer available.” Eeesh I know, it burns to read those terrible words.

Here’s what I do and what winter should have taught you all season: layer up. In this case, pairing a thinner long sleeve, high-neck top in a dark color not only emphasizes the colorblock nature of this jumpsuit but also creates a chic option for an event ensemble. Same goes for those rompers and even dresses available right now – when it doubt, layer up & wear it out. Shop colorblock jumpsuits below:


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