Anyone else have NO IDEA what to wear this Wednesday? Yeah same, in a big problematic way. But thanks to DAILYLOOK, I might have found more inspiration in this collage than previously anticipated. I mean you really can’t go wrong with a little black dress – it’s the perfect canvas to tailor to your style of the evening! In this case, I opted for the silver route rather than the overdone gold.

Choosing a Finders Keepers vegan leather dress as my LBD of choice, I picked out a decorative blazer/jacket with enough color and hints of silver to liven up the black solid situation. Now because the jacket does most of the talking, the jewelry choice was limited to one necklace in choker form. Yup, one piece ladies. Coordinating with a snakeskin silver metallic clutch, the heels are kept solid in color but match the texture of my handheld purse.

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