On the Rocks


What do you wear when its miserable outside – cold, rain, sleet, and windy – without feeling as down as the weather?  For starters, if you dress like you hate the day, chances are today will not go as desired.  Days like this never call for getting dolled up, but it doesn’t hurt to look a step up from ‘right out of bed.’

Keep it tight enough to show you’re a lady, but loose enough to show you have class.

So here’s what I decided to do.  I paired my blue floral leggings (Pac Sun) with a slightly oversized neutral pullover sweater (H&M) – HINT: if it’s tight on the bottom, make it looser on the top, and vice versa.  Now here’s the trick.  When I have to make a public appearance outside my apartment, I keep it on an edgy level by adding a black leather jacket (Forever 21).  And when I’m inside and feeling cozy, I remove the jacket and add an infinity scarf (Francesca’s) to wrap myself in.  It still looks like I got dressed, but I didn’t try too hard to make a statement.