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DSC_0663DSC_0695DSC_0690-2DSC_0839DSC_0660DSC_0855DSC_0815Details: Joie dress c/o Lyon + Post Birkenstocks ∙[Puppy Models: Jameson & Guinness]

There’s something about the evening summer sun that puts everything into perspective – like the comfort of a light fitting dress that when worn, makes you feel right at home…literally. Why miss any time outdoors shopping when you can have those pieces sent right to your doorstep? AND why waste any time trying something on that doesn’t fit or work for you and have driver’s remorse (similar to buyer’s remorse but applies to the physical driving to the store without a purchase made)? As long as it’s gorgeous out, I’m not wasting anytime in a department store that doesn’t guarantee satisfaction.


When you sign up for Lyon + Post, you receive three of your top picks to try on for free – unless you decide to keep one to buy. Of all the ones I received, this dress was the perfect fit for an afternoon playing with the pups and enjoying dinner at the beach. The best part was that I didn’t waste any time trying to locate the right size or style. This is definitely the best way to shop designer if you’re like me and have no desire to waste the last month of summer inside a shopping mall. Shop similar below:


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