Pajama Party

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⇥ PJ Shirt: GANT (sold out in this color, but also comes in blue) > use code Tilden20 for 20% off  | Denim Cutoffs: Flying Monkey | Loafers: Gucci | Bag: Coach (old, similar here) | Necklace: Lili Claspe | Matte Lip: Estée Lauder Pure Envy ‘#120 – Extreme Nude’


I hope you all have a fun weekend planned – let’s keep our fingers crossed it decides NOT to rain, again…this June Gloom is no joke!

Depending on the weather, I’ll probably head back to NJ for the weekend to get a mini break from the city. I tend to do this most every weekend during the summer because 1) I’d rather be at or near the beach, rain or shine, and 2) the short weekend getaway allows me to reset for a productive week ahead.

I’m thankful I was able to successfully shoot this ultra soft PJ shirt during a break from the impending rain we’ve had for FAR TOO LONG NOW. I’ve been living in it since its arrival; it reminds me of when my (sheltered, private) middle school would have Casual Dress Days, on the first Friday of every month. Naturally the rules of what we could actually wear were still in motion (i.e. no logos, no ripped jeans, & definitely no shorts of any kind), but there was one time we all got to dress in our pajamas! That was a cozy, fun day.

Seeing that the PJ style has made it’s way into my adult wardrobe makes everything feel like it’s come full-circle, in a sophisticated manner. However, I’m plenty excited I still make the age cut-off when it comes to wearing denim cutoffs…well, for now at least.

Ps, Mom if you’re reading this post: I’d REALLY like to borrow these loafers again, or maybe keep?
I just so happen to have a birthday coming up…