Playing Dress Up | Covet Fashion


Today, I’m tired, prone to procrastination and feeling a touch creative. Thankfully, I can satisfy all my exaggerated hardships with the touch of an app – Covet Fashion.

When we were small human girls, playing dress up gave us butterflies. The art of picking and pairing pieces can be considered the epitome of our adolescent lives. Today, we do very much the same with our real clothes worn on a daily basis, except for one HUGE difference – most of the time we’re stressed or agitated in the process. Vulnerable women, especially myself during these crisis moments, seek refuge with Pinterest. But still the fun is not visibly approachable for us ladies on a clothing mission.

Back to my main point, imagine an app that feels like dress up, yet is subconsciously putting outfits together in your head. That’s exactly what Covet Fashion does. You are given an imaginary amount of money to budget and to buy clothing pieces (which happen to be material in real life…I’ll get to that) to dress your versatile model. The closet value you gradually accumulate allows you to enter events, where specific themes enable your outfit assortments to come to life. You win money and more clothing prizes for your virtual model, which mannequin to fit your makeup and hair color desires for the outfit of choice.

During the lag time of waiting for event results, win back extra tickets to enter events with by voting on other users’ outfits. That’s how your model will be ultimately judged as well. When your outfit receives a certain amount of stars at the conclusion of the event, you may or may not win the clothing prize (it all depends on other users’ votes).

And as mentioned in the ( ) above, these clothing pieces on your screen are real-life clothing; click a link provided when a piece is selected to access the real site if you happen to fall in love with your digital outfit.

I will say it not only teaches you outfit ideas (which you have the option to save on your account if ever needed to be used or remembered), but also makes you consciencious of your money. The goal of this game is to create tasteful, appropriate outfits that win you money to buy more clothing with, which increases your closet value and thus, enables access to bigger and better events.

Try it for yourself: download the Covet Fashion app (available on iPhone, iPad, Android). Read more about this wonderous app here.