Potting Shed Reveal

I’m so beyond excited to finally share my pride & joy of a Potting Shed here on the blog! I’ve wanted one ever since we moved back to the burbs and my dream has become reality this Spring. Obsessed is an understatement.

Before I getting into the details of it, inside & out, I’ve made sure to save almost everything you’ll see in these below photos to the Potting Shed & Gardening Lists on my Amazon Storefront for easier reference, should you wish to recreate a similar storage scenario. This shed is nowhere near finished to my standards or liking, in terms of organization, but I figured posting now will serve as a great reminder of how far it’s come when it’s finally complete.

*Both the shed & potting bench are self-funded purchases. This is not a sponsored post for any of the brands/companies mentioned*

This 8′ x 10′ shed is a custom-built order from Backyard Structures by Yardworks – a local NJ business in Monmouth County which happens to be the same place where my parent’s purchased their sheds & our childhood life-size dollhouse from over 25 years ago. Their structures have stood the test of time, quite literally, so I knew this would be the place I’d get my own that someday – which is now!

In terms of customizations, I chose the paint colors for the entire shed/trim etc. as well as added features such as the particular style of windows & flower boxes. These windows have custom-sized screens and in fact slide open from the inside! I chose to have a single door rather than two facing the front, with a handle that comes with a lock. Inside the shed, which you’ll see as you scroll down, there are three mounted shelves that I also requested to have included – for vertical storage purposes as well as to serve as a standing surface to plant in the event of a rainstorm.

To be transparent with pricing: This size shed + customizations cost ~$5K with payment placed 1/2 down as deposit and the remainder owed upon delivery. Yes, this price included the delivery! We placed the stone ourselves but Backyard Structures offers such add-ons should you want it done by professionals. I opted not to get the inside “finished” with Board & Batten, nor did I opt for electrical wiring – yet both of those are options to add-on as well, should you want your shed to serve as more than an outdoor storage structure.

Solar LED Metal Hanging Lanterns | Watering Can

This beautiful potting bench is a custom work of art by a local craftsman in Oceanport, NJ – Shore Gardener. I reached out to them last May to inquire about a custom bench situation that is not only beautiful to look at, but can stand the elements of remaining outdoors while satisfying all the things I need to pot my plants with ease. It took several months to complete but it was very much worth the wait – especially seeing all the additional features such as the horseshoes on either side, hanging hooks as well as a strip of magnet on the front and sides of the bench to easily place handheld garden tools while at work.

I originally purchased this iron bar for pots & pans as mounted, vertical storage – but clearly proved to be too small/short for the task. So I decided to repurpose it along with some leftover matching shower rings to hang some of my extra, wood-handle garden tools. As you can see by the lack of dirt, these have remained to be on display for the time being. I’ve somehow acquired a lot of garden tool sets in just 1.5 years… always good to have extra handy!

In the image to the right, you’ll see a small circular battery-operated LED light that serves as under shelf lighting that makes a HUGE difference! I highly recommend these or getting something similar installed if you have electric wired in your particular shed (I chose not to get that add-on but did have the option to!) Where the shed is placed has just those two windows soaking up all the sunlight inside unless I leave the door open for photo purposes. *Side note: I’d avoid leaving the door or any entrance point wide open during this time of year – those carpenter bees and hornets will buzz right in and make themselves at home.* But back to the limited lighting due to the small windows, having these under shelf lights are a big game-changer for later in the afternoon or on an overcast day.

I saw this idea to store potting soil & all those other growing mediums in lidded tin trash cans instead of leaving them in those unsightly plastic bags. Plus, this helps maintain dryness and pest-free which can often happen when left in the bags over a long period of time, exposed to the elements that come with outdoor storage locations. I got one tall can for the potting soil and two of the rust-proof, 6-gallon short cans for perlite & peat moss storage

On another note, these XL chalk labels have proven to be great additions to all my storage bins so far. I got medium-size labels too, along with a variety pack of chalk pens that come in several tip sizes – perfect for all the shapes of labels and things I’m working to keep organized in here. Very happy with the stick-factor and the quick-dry functionality!

Pack of 4 Heavy-Duty Storage Hooks | Solar LED Tiki Torches

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