Put It In Parka


Wearing: F21 parka sweater | Uniqlo leggings | Uggs | UO beanie | Francesca’s tote

Call it whatever you want, but this parka/utility jacket is the epitome of overcast, rainy day wear. The gold hardware against the deep olive color sold me instantly and considering how the weather has been, I’ve been wearing it a good amount this week. It’s much heavier than the average raincoat for those chilly breezes and wonderful for layering. Now I know a good amount of people have mixed feelings about Uggs and frankly, I usually reserve them for indoor wear myself. However, this miracle pair that I bought out of a Journey’s Kidz catalog years ago make me feel like a modern-day eskimo and I have yet to see another pair like them sported on campus. I feel that as long as the weather remains miserable and cold, why the hell not. Haters can just be jealous with cold feet.