Raiding Closets With Bib + Tuck

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Shopping without spending. Yes, that’s a true fact. I know you’re skeptical and very curious about my proposed topic sentence here, so read a bit below and open your eyes to the new future of online consignment shopping.

I just heard about Bib + Tuck this past year (2013) and I have to say, I wish I knew sooner! It’s like going to an online thrift store and yankee swapping for another vintage find. HEAVEN. Over the years, I’ve taken my belongings to brick and mortar consignment shops only to occasionally receive a cent of its worth. I’ve tried eBay too, but I have to put in money to better market my selling items. With Bib + Tuck, I don’t have to pay for shipping and I can literally receive compensation in the form of an item that I would buy with money anyway. You don’t have to hope and pray you’ll receive the amount of money you need to buy that bag or pair of shoes by selling your possessions cheaply.

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Ok, that was a bit of a ramble so let me put it into perspective. I just joined and received 9 Bucks by liking & following Bib + Tuck’s social media accounts. I plan to sell one of my Coach purses, so I get to virtually set my selling price in Bib Buck currency. Someone (hopefully) will come across my bag, love it, and want to buy it with the Bib Bucks she/he has. When my item sells, Bib + Tuck emails me a prepaid mailing label to place on a USPS box, to mail to the recipient. I will now have the Bib Bucks spent on my item go towards my account. I can spend those Bucks on any item I may want, ranging from vintage Chanel to Marc Jacobs. The options are endless!

How many of you dream to own a designer bag that costs a fortune? Why not try to get one by trading an item? Chanel for free? YES PLEASE.

To join the site and receive more information about how it works, click here. When you invite friends, you receive spending Bucks! Don’t miss out on that designer label of your dreams!