Reasons To Start A Blog This Fall

One of my greatest joys for the last 5 (almost 6) years has been my blog. What started as a passion project has turned into something I never could’ve imagined for myself back in 2013. I feel so incredibly blessed for the opportunities going down this path has provided me; it seriously has changed my life for the better in more ways than I can purposefully describe!

If there’s anything I can encourage the most of, it’s starting a blog of your own. It’s an outlet that has the potential to satisfy you personally & professionally, as well as spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. In fact, I’m so passionate about encouraging others to start this journey themselves that I made it the topic of my Tedx Talk this past May AND I made an e-course that helps you start your own blog/website from basic development to growth strategy application, complete with video tutorials & 24/7 personal assistance!

Here are some reasons why you should start a blog this fall:


Sharing something you’re passionate about sparks a natural attraction, as well as profit potential. If you’re willing to work for it, by posting high-quality content consistently, then you’re likely to earn some serious cash in the process (there are some bloggers that earn roughly $6 figures a year!) Your level of dedication, as well as patience to see it through, might land you with the ability to become your own boss down the road.


Blogging allows you to connect with like-minded people in your niche & establish relationships you’d otherwise not discover. I’ve made so many amazing, genuine friends through blogging because we met through sharing the same passions as one another. Plus, it enhances your ability to engage and connect online in a way that’s memorable & appreciated.


There’s no better way to grow both professionally & personally! Having a blog platform opens the door to unlimited opportunities, while encouraging you of habits that help pioneer successful efforts. Every day will present a challenge of sorts, with countless tasks to complete. Blogging will teach you how to master the skill of multitasking, as well as test your ability to keep your audience coming back for more – from keeping content fresh and current to strategies for growing your online presence.


Having a blog enables you to harness an inner strength that most people find difficult to confront. You learn to accept yourself and appreciate your worth when you post with transparency in sharing your opinions, fears, etc. I used to be a very shy human, terrified to make mistakes, and always played it safe before publishing myself online. Now 5 years later, I’m a completely different person & exactly who I’ve always wanted to be. Blogging has given me the ability to step up to occasions I’d otherwise back away from, forcing me to step out of my comfort zone(s) – taking risks had to be done in order to be successful; otherwise I wouldn’t be here working for myself full-time today.


Fall is a great time to start a blog because the weather leading up to the months ahead is more inclined to take a turn. That means most of us will be spending more time indoors, escaping whatever chilly temperature or storm that chased us inside. This is a rare time where you don’t feel obligated to be outside & therefore can spend focused, dedicated time to getting a blog started.


Another great thing about fall is that it’s universally adored, for the most part. Meaning there are plenty of content opportunities for you to get started on sharing, which are likely to receive a boost of interest from the get-go. Plus, fall leads up to the most traffic-heavy time of year – holidays. Sales are constantly surfacing, making an increase in online purchases inevitable. Now is probably the best time to get a jumpstart on posting content that’s evergreen to the season, while earning you more commission out of the starting gate.


You don’t need a degree, license, or professional certificate to start a blog. It’s one of the most inclusive career choices out there! Anyone who wants to deliver a message will attract an audience. Don’t tell yourself otherwise, nor that you won’t bring something to the table. Each blog is unique because of the blogger behind it; you are one of a kind, and your content will reflect that. There’s room for everyone to join this amazing, fulfilling adventure!

I know starting a blog can be daunting, triggering a lot of questions & resulting in hesitation to pull the trigger. But if you’re asking yourself when’s the best time to start, it’s NOW. If you keep delaying it out of fear, you’re only wasting the time that could be spent changing your life.

Your blog will continue to grow with you, adapt to the changes you’re facing, lead you down roads untravelled, teach you lessons when mistakes are made, and constantly providing you with something new to learn. It will never be perfect because neither are you; that’s what makes the journey so amazing to experience.