Rebel Forces

IMG_5793IMG_5817IMG_5976IMG_5857IMG_5921IMG_5934Details: Michael Kors coat || (g) Ro & De top || (g) Madewell jeans || (g) Rebels heels || Forever 21 beanie

When camel meets purple, a beautiful color palette is born – mix in some bold ivory and a pattern and you got yourself a look that’s far from monochromatic yet feels all the same. I want to say the fabric and texture of each piece worn contributes to that overall appeal, for not one thing is uncomfortable or out of place aesthetically. Then again, that’s my opinion and this is a personal style blog – ultimately, everyone has a preference.

In short: a bold pattern surrounded by soft neutrals is what makes this pair up essentially work. Note the texture of my rebellious shoes – yup, heeled sandals in the midst of winter – appear suede-like and go in favor of my camel trench. There are definitely a few color combos going on, my hat and jean color choices for example, but within the statement top is a noticeable trend of neutral grey that ties the whole thing together.

Confession: It was actually 47 degrees out with zero wind chill during this shoot; Otherwise I’d pair these heels with a sock or layer with tights underneath my jeans. But let’s just pretend I’m a rebel and weather-incompetent. Shop similar below:


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